Bring comfort to your pet with K9Kalm.

Introducing K9Kalm, the cannabis-based supplement that channels the healing essence of CBD. Give your pet peace of mind – and body.


Anxious dogs experience undue suffering that can be triggered by many events – anything from thunderstorms to a visit by unfamiliar guests. This anxiety often creates a stressful environment for a dog’s owner as well. K9Kalm helps to relieve anxiety and keep your dog’s disposition happy and healthy.


Aggressive behaviors can keep your dog from getting the most out of their day. If walks are difficult or you feel the need to keep your pet from children or other animals, the active ingredients in K9Kalm can help to balance your dog’s demeanor.


Dogs suffering from epilepsy have been shown to experience fewer seizures when treated with CBD. K9Kalm provides an easy, all-natural solution to give your pets the help they deserve.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is widely used by those seeking an all-natural substitute to conventional drugs. Dogs and other mammals have a system of receptors in the brain and nervous system that respond positively to CBD. By targeting these receptors directly, CBD can offer an effective, non-synthetic alternative to dogs affected by a variety of issues. For more on the science of CBD, see our How It Works section.

Why K9Kalm?

K9Kalm is a leading CBD supplement thanks to the following:

  • Made in the USA: All supplements are made locally in the United States

  • Exclusive Support Ingredients: Only K9Kalm includes L-theanine and Valerian Root
  • No THC: K9Kalm does not include the substance responsible for psychoactive reactions


K9Kalm uses CBD among other ingredients to achieve a positive, calming effect on your dog. For a full scientific review, click here.

K9 Kalm exclusively uses high quality CBD.  Independent analysis shows over 90% Cannabinoids and zero THC.  


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Help your pet find the comfort it deserves.

Bring comfort to your pet with K9Kalm.